Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wowzer Wowzer Wow! It's December Y'all!!

The older I get, The faster the year goes by.  (Ray says there's some kind of mumbo jumbo sciencey thing that has proven that its not just my imagination.)

Li says that he doesn't want any other gifts just so long as he gets a go-kart.  I would love to get one for him but we just don't live in a place that he can safely ride around in one.  We are all hemmed in by a residential neighborhood and have a tiny yard.  So I tried to let him down gently and logically, but I know he still wants one.  O hasn't really made any specific wants made clear.  Of course, there will be legos.  I guess I ought to have the boys make a list.  Man, when I was a wee thing, I started making my list early and my kids have never really been big Christmas list makers.  I always have to remind them or I just go by the seat of my pants in the shopping.  Speaking of shopping, I haven't done that yet.

We have been very busy lately and I feel like I am constantly moving form one thing to the other right now.  Hopefully I can relax soon and not feel quite so 'Must Do All The Things Now!' for at least a few days!

I have been working on this hat for what feels like forever.  I WILL finish it today!  Theres not much left.