Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Working It Wednesday 11/30/2016

This week I finished the Harry Potter Mixer tube socks.  Next blog post, I give you a simple pattern for the tube socks that I knit.

And I am still working on the cowl-1 or 2 more rows and I'll be binding off on this one.

The Christmas Sock out of my You'll Shoot Your Eye Out is still coming along nicely, working on the heel flap.  I'll get this turned today and then it'll be back to mindless knitting until I get to the toe.

I am planning a pair of socks as soon as I'm done with the Christmas socks, and maybe a shawl or a sweater.

So, what are you working on this week?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Workin It Wednesday November 23, 2016

Blowing the dust off of the blog, yet again.  My goal is to have a fresh blog for you, my gentle reader at least once a week so that you can see what's up in the Land of Brazen.  Today's blog is focusing on Work It Wednesday.

Right now, I am working on 3 projects.  I have an 'at work' project and 2 just regular take along projects.

For my at work project, I am knitting a companion sock to the sock I made last week.  This is what I knit on while in lulls at work.

The other project that I'm working on is a quick tube sock.  I'm working from a Harry Potter pack that I had at Kid N Ewe.  I cast on 64 on size 0 needles, did a K3/P1 ribbing until I got tired of ribbing and am knitting until I run out of yarn.

And, I'm still working on this cowl that is a Nerd Girl Yarns Dr Who Club color way.  I basically just cast on 88 at and am knitting in a K3/P1 ribbing(my favorite kind of ribbing) until it's long enough.  I like to have the fabric be 10 inches long so that it can be a convertible kind of cowl.

Once I finish 2 of these projects, I am gonna start something maybe shawl or sweater like project.

So, what's on your needles?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekending May 23, 2016-The Procrastination One

I am really an excellent procrastinator.  I have been avoiding dyeing for a few weeks even though I have 2 events coming shortly.  Part of it is that I have to dye in the garage, the other part is that I've been so busy with kid type stuff that even when I do have time, I don't wanna go out in the garage.  Things are heating up here, and I usually spend at least 30 minutes to an hour out setting up dyepots for the start and then there's usually more tending as the dyeing happens.

Saturday (while I supposed to be dyeing) I read some on a book I was enjoying, soaked some yarn, and then I realized that I had to go out and get some dye supplies at Dollar Tree and while I was out, why not go to the store.  And then I thought, well, I've got to get this yarn to Jennings Street Yarns and look at their buttons to see if any would suit to use on my sweater.  And while I was in the area, I might as well check out the new yarn shop in the area, West 7th Wool.  (So good at avoidance)

So I grabbed up O and went on an adventure.

I ended up with 2 skeins of Simplicity by Hikoo from West 7th Wool.  The orange is color 134-Peter Peter and the blue doesn't appear to have a name-it's color 030.  I plan on making something fun and stripey with these.

 And from Jennings Street Yarns, I got this gorgeous skein of Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere in color 754 Mod Squad.  This skein speaks to me on all the levels.  And I grabbed these buttons to possibly use on my sweater.

Then On Saturday night, I took the boys to see the closing night of a play called Heaven Can Wait.  (so good at procrastination, don't you agree?)

And, since this is a weekend of vacation from my full time job, on Sunday the boys and I took a day trip to San Antonio.  As soon as we stepped out of the cab, the boys spotted a snow cone place, so that was the first stop.  Then The Alamo.

Then we went down to the River Walk to have lunch with friends.  (don't let Li's sour face fool you, it's a character choice)

We walked around for a bit on the River Walk with my girl Shannon and her kids and stopped for ice cream at one point.

Then we went back up topside and did a carriage ride around downtown.  

We got home last night-the boys had a good time even though it was amazingly humid yesterday.  

And Today, I dyed.

What have I learned by being on vacation?  I really enjoy being paid to read and shop for yarn.  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Space Cadet-The May 2016 Exclusive

Here are the May exclusives from Brazen Stitchery.  Each month, I dye at least 3 yarns using the Phat Fiber months inspiration.

First, there's Space Pants Self Striping.  So when I saw this inspiration, I started googling 'space' and the SNL Sketch Space Pants was one of the first things to show up in the feed.  Of course, I HAD to dye a yarn inspired by that.  Here it is-this color way is gone when its gone and not to be repeated.  So grab it up while you can.

For Galactic Space Kitten Variegated, I was looking for fabric on spoon flower and saw this space kitten fabric.  I snapped a screenshot of it because i thought it was fabulous.  This one is also a one of a kind, not to be repeated color way.

And lastly, the tonal that I chose for this months theme is an already established color way that I have carried previously-but fits in great with this months theme.  This one is inspired by the green skinned alien women from Star Trek.  It is called Orion Slave Girl.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at this months yarn.  And don't forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter when you go the website to check things out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Workin' It Wednesday May 18. 2016

This week I am still working on my Kiss Of North sweater vest.  As I mentioned last week, I am holding 2 strands of Trendsetter Yarns Strata together to knit this at the bulky gauge that it requires.

So, what I do is take two balls and hold them together to wind them in to one ball.  This has the added benefit of me not having to fight two balls of yarn the whole time that I am knitting.  

Here is Li showing off my progress on the front.  It 'looks like a viking vest' according to O-which is high praise coming from that one.

So, my goal this week is to complete the knitting portion and hopefully get the buttons to complete this project totally.

Don't forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter at The Website.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekending May16, 2016

To begin, this is My husbands birthday, so here's a shout out to him.  Happy Birthday to my favorite Baby Daddy-this is gonna be your year!  I'm pretty sure he's 43 if the math I just did is correct. 

When I was a teen, I remember scoffing at my older sis for not knowing her age, because of course, as a teen you are so focused on what number you are.  And now, I honest to goodness have to do math any time someone asks how old I am.  Because once you've reached all the mile stones, whats the point of keeping track.  I can vote, drink, and rent a car.  Next up, senior discounts and early bird specials.  

Okay.  So moving on to my weekend.  This weekend I did some brain storming and came up with a tentative shop description and have reached the decision to (again) halt dyeing fiber/making batts.  I am trying to streamline my life and dyeing fiber is just one thing too many in my shop life.

And I gave the boys haircuts-her's Li's new hair.  I sort of forgot that he is in a play, so I am glad that I didn't get crazy with the clippers while doing his hair.

And we FINALLY got to do Li's birthday thing.  Between yarn shows and theatre commitments, this is the first free Saturday we've had since his birthday rolled around on April 4.  We went to Putt Putt and got there early enough to get the 'all day' wrist band for half price.  It included all of the outside attractions(except for the batting cage) until 5 pm.  Liam was desperate to do go karts for his birthday and this was the most cost efficient way for us to do this for him.  Ray and I mostly chilled-we did play a couple of rounds of mini golf-and I got a few hole-in-ones.
 And on Sunday, I battled some of my depression demons most of the day.  And watched Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  So, that was a highlight to my day.  I also knit and watched some Downton Abbey.

So, That's my weekend in a nutshell.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Foodie Friday-Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes-May 13, 2016

I have a son that has some food aversions.  One of his aversions is that he is against eggs in several forms unless it is in egg taco form.  He prefers all of the 'bready' breakfasts like cereal, muffins, pancakes, toast.  I think that protein is a very important component to the first meal of the day.  So, when I saw these protein packed flap jacks at Costco, I had to give them a try.

(please forgive me for the upside down picture)
As you can see (by turning your head and squinting) there are 3 ways to prepare.  1. Just add water 2. Add milk instead of water and 3. Add an egg to the milk.  Each gives a different level of protein, the milk+egg being the highest.

So, I made a double batch since I was feeding the whole family and I made the milk+egg option.
I should add that I HATE making pancakes.  I usually have two pans going because it feels like making a well cooked pancake-cooked thoroughly all the way through, no runny middle, not burned-takes FOREVER.  And on this day, I only had one pan going so some cursing may have been involved in this batch.  And the double batch was plenty of food for my family of 4 which includes a teen boy and a breadivore.  

I added fresh strawberries and peanut butter to mine and as far as flavor goes, they are pretty decent.  Do not expect fluffy IHoP pancakes, they do taste whole wheaty.  BUT, my breadivore eats them up and tells me they are delicious, so Mission Achieved!

To add to the review, there is a waffle option on the box.  The mix ratio is the same.  A one to one liquid to powder.  On the waffles I did the just water option.  For waffles this size, I ended up doing 1 2/3 mix to 1 2/3 water.  This made 4 waffles.  I did just the water because I wasn't feeling like making waffles but did them because I wanted to play with my new waffle iron.

Okay, so here's the 'trick' with a waffle iron.  Spray the top and bottom element with cooking spray between each waffle.  This makes the waffle come out with no fuss, no muss.  Then, when you add the waffle batter DON'T GET CRAY! Add just enough so that the bottom is covered but not all the way to the edge-because waffle batter will smoosh out to the edge.  It takes a little practice to find the correct amount to add to get the 'perfect waffle' but you can do it.  Trust in the force.

For the topping, I took a cup or so of frozen strawberries, de-iced them in the microwave, mushed them up with a potato masher, and added a dash of sugar.  It was a yum way to top the waffle.

Now, because on these I used just the water and not either of the milk options, they were very whole wheaty tasting.  But again, everyone around the table scarfed them up and said they were yum.  Just don't expect an Eggo Waffle experience.

I will keep this mix in the house for future use since everyone really likes them and they add protein to my breadivores pallet in a way that I don't have to fight him over.

And the waffle iron is from Think Geek if you are interested in one of your own.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Workin' It Wednesday May 11, 2016

This week I've been working on a couple of things.  The main project I've been working on is the Kiss of North Sweater Vest done with Trendsetter Stratta.  This yarn is an approximate worsted weight in singles construction.  I am holding two strands together so that I am getting the bulky weight that the pattern is asking for.  I have now split the front and am working just half of the stitches.  It is a pretty fast knit since its on size 13 needles.

I've also been working on knitting up some samples for the May Inspiration.  This months inspiration is Space.  Here's a black and white peek at the variegated.

So, I am trying something new.  Each month I am taking an inspiration and coming up with 3 yarns taken from that inspiration.  So every month, there will be a variegated, tonal, and self striping yarn based on the months inspiration.  So, I'll give you guys a hint by giving you this months names.  Orion Slave Girl, Space Pants, and Galactic Space Kitten.

Also, I've started a monthly newsletter.  You can sign up at Brazen Stitchery

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Happens Backstage

I graduated from college with a degree in theatre and have noticed some similarities between theatrical productions and yarn/fiber festivals.  What you are at a fiber festival, much like when you watch a play or a movie, is really just the tip of the iceberg.

What you don't see when you go to a play are the hundreds of hours that go in to a 2 hour production.  You don't see the all of the time that the director spends shaping and tweaking performances, all of the time that the actors spend studying lines and perfecting their character, the time that the costumer spends in making sure that everyone's bum is covered in an appropriate costume for the period or the character, you don't see the time that the sound designer spends making sure that the phone rings with an appropriate sound for 1947 or that the dog barks at the correct time.  You don't see the time that the lighting designer spends making sure that you can see everyones face and the the mood is accurately lit-different lights for a farce than for a dramatic show for example.  You can't see the stage manager herding actors from one scene to the next making sure they are where they are supposed to be or all of the paperwork they have to do.  You don't see the time that the producer spends making sure that the staff for all these backstage functions is put together in a cohesive way.  The machinery that goes into a theatrical production is amazing.

And a lot like when you have a small crafting business like mine.  I am the everything to my business.  I design and create everything that I sell.  I clearly label and/or package with exactly what it is, I design the feel to my booth and how the items are displayed, I dress according to my brand-which is very much how I dress in real life.  When I go to a show all 500 items that are in the booth were created by me.  This is a pretty awesome feeling-the knowledge that when I am gone from this earth, people will still have things that I created in their lives.  They will be able to wear or use a piece of my creativity.  And you know?  That brings me happiness-hopefully the same feeling that folks that knit with the yarn that I dye or use any of the bags that I have sewn feels when they look at or touch something that I have made.

Just as people carry the memory of a play with them through their lives.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weekending-DFW Fiber Fest 2016

 This past weekend was DFW Fiber Fest 2016.
I managed to fit all of this(except for the 8ft table at the back)

Plus myself and 2 other people into Penny's Hyundai Elantra.

We set everything up and Bryanna(the pocket sized minion in the back seat) finally taught me how to eat Chipotle.

I am very happy with the way everything went.  This was my wall of Self Striping.
I sold out of all of my mini skeins and most of my heel and toe skeins by the end of Saturday, so I made some more heel and toe skeins to have available for the Sunday Shoppers.

There was a super fun stitch marker swap happening at the event and these were the markers that I made from shrink dink paper.

And I found this fabulous hat that I didn't even recognize as my dyeing at the show as well.  This hat is from a skein of Dias De Los Muertos that the knitter purchased in the fall at Stitches Texas!    I had no idea that this color way would react like this in hat formation.  I am so in love with it.

It was very lovely to meet new people and talk to people that I've only interacted with via social media.  

If you have a chance I recommend coming to DFW Fiber Fest 2017 which will be April 7-9.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday March 11, 2016

Friday is one of my schedule blog days so here I am.  I am a little fried brain was-though I did manage to get something like a normal amount of sleep 2 nights in a row.  I just have been going all day and my creative brain is already trying to focus on the next thing on the list.

It's been a rainy week here in DFW which means that when you have a broken dryer, even though theres an outside clothes line, trips need to be made to the laundromat.  So, I've been working that in amongst the other things that need to get done.

And here's a picture of one of my cats.  He wanted to throw his two cents in on the labels I was working on earlier.  I have a new base and needed to work up a fiber specific label instead of using my yarn labels.

And, It's now 3 weeks until DFW Fiber Fest.  Must remember to breathe.

This weekend I am taking my kids to Six Flags and prepping prepping prepping.  Have a good weekend gang!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Workin' It Wednesday-March 9, 2016

This week I am working on the socks that I am making for Ray.  My goal this week is to make it to the toes at least before next weeks workin' it post.  I am not having trouble with them, just having a hard time finding the time to knit.  

But!  I am trying something new.  I have a list of things that I'd like to accomplish daily, and under the health category I have 'knit'.  So Monday I knit, yesterday I did some crochet, and today is knit night, so I will be working on these puppies tonight.

Things are ramping up prep wise for the April shows here at the house and I am still getting used to the new schedule change at Major Airline.  I don't really have a problem staying up as late as I need to, its just the waking up the next morning that I am struggling with.  My body wakes me up at 8 and then my brain keeps me awake.  Which means that I am having a hard time not wearing my grumpy pants.  I find myself being snappish and short and then having to take a step back and say whoa!  I've got the same pants to get glad in!  I'm practicing the art of apology because I don't realize that I am being overboard until it's already happened.  Like I woke Ray up to fight with him the other night about CAT FOOD!  Hello!  I need to figure out how to get enough sleep.

Monday, March 7, 2016

It's Business Time-Monday March 7, 2016

So.  I have decided to put myself on a schedule for blogging so that maybe I will blog more than once a month.   I am planning to blog at least 3 times a week.

This week I've been making lists and checking them twice.  I am now lest than a month until DFW Fiber Fest and in order to make sure I get everything accomplished, that means good planning.  So, I need to make a list and check it twice and thrice and try to actually sleep, but I'm having  hard time with that.

And my goal this week is to list something everyday-So that means that Luck O The Irish is up at Brazen Stitchery

Both DFW Fiber Fest and Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta are hosting a stitch marker swap, so I've been playing around with getting Ms Sheepy on to shrinky dink to then turn her into stitch markers.   I am planning on also adding beads to the marker and having the event on one side so that attendees at both shows get unique stitch markers.

And here's the periscope where I talk about it all, if you want to see me being under slept.  Yay new schedule!