Friday, August 21, 2015

Brazen Friday August 21, 2015

Today is the beginning of the DFW Yarn Crawl and I am going to have a small trunk show at JenningStreet Yarns in downtown Fort Worth.  I haven't been able to dye up to much 'fresh yarn' since I dyed all the things for the Houston Fiber Fest and had to wait on yarn to come in so that I could dye something other than my hair.  I don't think too many people would buy my hair, so I had to wait.  I was able to dye up several skeins in the shop exclusive color JSYarnista on 4 different bases, and I will be able to dye up more through the crawl, and bring them up to the shop.

Now I'm off to quickly label the new yarn and go to the shop.  I hope to see some familiar faces and meet new ones!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Workin' It/Weekending August 20, 2015

So, right now my week is a little 'off'.  Now that I have a full time job that does not have a traditional weekend, I tend to work all Sat and Sun and my weekend is Tues/Wed.

So, hence the combo post.  And, I wasn't here yesterday, got in at 10 last night, so even though I had some vague notion of blogging last night, I wouldn't have been very coherent with it.  So hence the combined blog.  First up...

This past 'weekend' for me was spent with one of the people I love most in the world, Roiana.  Roiana  is one of the founding members of the knitting group that I joined 7 years ago.  She has since moved to the wilds of Tennessee and is working on living her dream of being a shepherd and independent business lady.  She specializes in tatting cottons and silks and her colors are beautimus.  And, butterflies love her, so that makes her extra awesome.

 I went to visit her and we went to the Tennessee Aquarium where we had a lovely time looking at the fish.  They have a 'petting' aquarium with stingrays and a small shark.  They also had a 'river' building and a 'ocean' building.  I think the boys liked the ocean building best, because, Hello!  Sharks AND Cuttle Fish!

And this is the boys playing the next day in her back yard.  Yes, it's just as idyllic as it looks, you can ask my sunburned face and arms about that!  I just did not want to go in.  It was lovely wading and skipping stones and watching the kids catch crawfish and TRY to catch minnows.
We had such a lovely time.  This is the one thing about having the full time job that makes it worth it to me.  Twice in the last month I have gotten to go visit people that I love.

And Now, Workin' It:

So I started the second sock and work half heartedly on it while on the plane.  There was surprisingly little time to knit while I was in Tennessee, but that's okay!  I got to hang out with the sheepies.

I got to the beginning of the heel flap, but didn't knit too much on the plane ride home because I was in middle seat and felt a little uncomfortable moving my arms too much since we were packed in like sardines.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Brazen Friday August 14, 2015

So, this week has been a supplies ordering week.  I have ordered fun things like yarn, but I've also ordered shop and booth supplies.

And I ordered an Addi Express Knitter King size.

(this one is not mine, but a photo from the web)

I am envisioning quick hats, scarves, and dishcloths.  Some for gifts, and some to expand what I offer in my booth so that I can have a few FO's for the tag a long friend that accompanies crafters to the shows that I participate in.  I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of this box with hope that it is everything I want it to be.

Next up, Brazen Appearance wise, I am doing a trunk show at JenningStreet Yarns in Fort Worth.  I still need to iron out the exact days since I am having trouble getting all the days I want to get off at the FT job, but I am gonna keep fighting for them.  This will be during the DFW Yarn Crawl.  I am looking forward to this since I had such a good time doing this last year.

Well, on to work on the website which is on my to do list right now.  I hope y'all have a great weekend filled with yarnie fun!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Workin' It Wednesday August 12, 2015

This week I am resuming my normal blog schedule of 2-4 Blogs per week as part of my healing process.  

Last week, on my way to Vermont to visit my Sis in Law and her family, I finished the last few rounds of my shop sample socks using District 12 in my Harmony Halfie skein.  I also used a new product that I am offering called H&T Skeins.  It's a mini skein of yarn with 80 yd of a sw merino/nylon.  I had enough left over from that skein so I am going to...

 Use it for the toes on this next pair of socks that I am knitting with commercial sock yarn.  I started this sock on the plane to Vermont, worked it through my short visit, and then was picking up the heel sts when my needle broke.  So, I tucked it in my knitting bag and proceeded to drowse of several times with my mouth hanging open.  I am sure it was VERY attractive.

I am just using a very basic pattern from Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd.  This was my first sock knitting book and bay far is the most used.  I find this book to be an invaluable resource 6 years in to my sock knitting life.  It not only has clear and concise examples and instructions on the infrastructure of knitting a sock, it has some lovely patterns as well.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Peeking Out

You my dear reader, may have noticed that I been an absentee dyer lately.  I sometimes deal with stress by hobbiting myself away inside myself.  And this year has been a doozy.  Last year, right after Kid N Ewe fiber fest Ray and I found out that we were going to have another baby.  We were surprised and overjoyed to discover this especially since there had been no other pregnancies since O and we figured that our baby making days were over.  However, 2 days later when I went to the doctor, I found out that my hormone levels were really wrong.

So, I went to google.  Where I learned way TOO much about progesterone and hcg levels required to maintain pregnancy.  And mine were low.  Not ridiculously crazy low, but low enough to be worrisome.  I had a sonogram, and there she was.  My tiny little grain of rice with her heartbeat going like it should.  Then I went in to see the doctor and he started talking D&C and sometimes these things happen and blah blah blah.  I said 'Wait a minute!  There's a heartbeat!' he was all, 'Oh!'.  I think he never really looked at my chart and just saw what he expected to see.

So he sent me off and scheduled another sonogram for the next week.  This was the beginning of my weekly sonograms.  I went weekly, dreading every appointment, never getting a due date, hormone levels never being good enough to support a good pregnancy, supplementing with prescription progesterone.  And every week it was the same.  Dread the appointment, go in to the sonogram room, have the tech find the baby, and hear the heart beat with joy and fear and amazement every week.  I heard her heartbeat 5 times over the next month and a half and begged her to fight and get big and strong so that I could meet her.  And yet every week, I came home without a due date, with a new bandaid from the blood test.

We defied the odds, even the doctor was saying that maybe it could be a viable pregnancy.  But on Jan 30, I was out on a walk with the boys and I felt something go wrong.  New Years Eve, the spotting and cramping intensified, and I spent most of the night curled up around myself begging for the pain to stop, not even able to do much more than moan in pain.  I have never felt physical pain quite like it.  It was amazing in its intensity.  Then, a few days later, while making a middle of the night trip to the bathroom, I passed the pregnancy.  Just like that, flushed away with all the waste.  I was about 11 weeks into my pregnancy.

And No.  I did not tell.  Because I couldn't handle the 'whole world' knowing when I wasn't even sure that the pregnancy would progress past those first few weeks.

And so.  I've watched other friends grow large with baby and give birth all in the last few months and it has been hard.  Because I am equal parts happy for them but also jealous and sad.  Because I should be under slept and over worked and smelling those new baby smells and kissing a soft and sweet head.  But I'm not.  I am sitting at my computer with tears rolling down my face.  Healing.  Slowly healing.  And peeking out of my shell, looking around the world, and maybe coming back to myself again.