Friday, November 27, 2015

List ALL The Things

Right now, dear reader, I am working on getting my website updated and getting all the items from my stock uploaded and available for sale.  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving time.

We had my parents over and between the food they brought and the food that I prepared, there was a feast for all.  It was quite yummy.  I made a turkey, 2 pumpkin pies, rolls, and cranberry sauce.  From a box we did the stuffing and gravy-though we did use turkey stock for the liquid instead of water, so we fancied it up a little anyway.  My mom brought scalloped potatoes and the best store bought pumpkin pie I've ever had.  My dad and stepmom brought deviled eggs, broccoli rice casserole, sweet potatoes, and 2 more pies.  So we had plenty of pie!  Everything went together nicely and we all had a lovely time.  Ray got a 21 lb turkey, so we sent some home with the parental units and still have plenty in the fridge.

My secret to moist turkey every time?  Reynolds brand turkey bags.  I have tons of compliments on my turkey every time and all I do is season it, put it in the bag, put it in the oven, and ignore it.  It hasn't failed me yet!

 And the best thing about Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving Bowl the next day!

PS-I am being driven crazy by the new way that the photos are displayed due to the latest update, so it's a miracle at all that I get photos in here.  I have a hard enough time blogging regularly without adding one more issue to the mix!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Of Kid N Ewe, Periscope, and a Ravelry Giveaway

Hey guys!  Kid N Ewe has come and gone and I had lots of fun hanging with friends and meeting new people.
Here is what I started with.

    About 2 hours later, this is what I had.
 I tried to make my booth inviting from both angles.
 Most things had quirky signs.
 I really like that little shelf.  I think I am gonna get more for the next event.

 I added carabiners for purchase so that people could upgrade their bags and make them clippy.
 This is Sherlock. He belongs to my host and is very sweet.
 This is a goat awaiting his shearing at the show.

Now today is Monday.  Monday I have made my dye day.  On todays list District 12 and I am Groot.  I also have a couple of things that I am gonna dye tomorrow because I am also trying to reorganize and clean, so I've been doing that today as well.
 And here, dear friends, is where we reach the giveaway part of the blog.  This giveaway is hosted on my Ravelry Group.

And, exciting news goose!  I have joined Twitter and Periscope.  You can find me there as @BrazenStitchery.

Sorry for the brevity of the blog today, I have a long list of things that I still want to get done today.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Looking Forward to Kid N Ewe 2015!

I am really looking forward to coming out to Kid N Ewe this weekend.  Not only will it be a weekend spent with people that I like to hang out and talk with, but it is also the debut of running my own booth.  Katie of The Barbed Dragon and I were bursting at the seams of the last booth we did together so we decided that it was time to get individual booths.  I have been stressed out that I do not have 'enough' but after my count last night I think I will be just fine.  I dyed over 130 fresh skeins(which added to the previous skeins makes 230), have 60 braids of fiber, and 86 bags.

Here's all the 'fresh' skeins labeled up and ready for their final count.

Here is You'll Shoot Your Eye Out self striping.  Available on Paparazzi and Duet Sock and Paparazzi and Interlude DK.  

 Here are the fiber bins all packed up and ready to go.  I did 10 color ways on 3 different bases, and it was really neat being how each base took the color.

And here is O, my Chief Bag Stringer hard at work putting the drawstrings in my small Anything Goes Bags.

I will have a couple of specials at the show.  If you show proof of purchase from Little Monkey Stitch N Spin or Inskein Yarns that you purchased one of their patterns that features The Companion, Cyber Queen, or Captain Tight Pants, then you get 10% off of that color way.

Other specials will happen throughout the weekend.

Also,  Exciting News! I will have items from one of my very favorite local shepherds Jules of Lazy Pie Farms.  She has given me permission to sell her items in my booth.  So come and see what she sends with me.  Trust me, it'll be good!

Hope to see some of ya'll at the show!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

She's done it again....

Well, I went off and ran away from blogging again.  I just have such a hard time carving out a few minutes to sit and do this as often as I'd like.  PLUS, the new OS on my computer has made finding the photos that I want to add to the blog a challenge, so I feel a bit like my mother must at any time she sits at the computer.  Befuddled and confused and 'but I don't know what I'm even looking at!!'

Here's a quick shot of the last event that I did at Jacobs Reward Farm.  It was a lovely day and so relaxing.  I also really liked the way that I displayed the shawls-overturned IKEA boxes and then a basket of the yarn in the sample on top.  I thought it added a nice touch to the booth.

Right now, I am frantically preparing for Kid N Ewe Nov 13-15-so just 10 days away.  I feel equal parts prepared and ready to go screaming over the edge.  I am almost done with my variegated and tonal color ways and have some self striping that I'd like to get done to bring.  Plus, sewing sewing sewing.  I have a new bag design, but I'm just not sure how much I like it-I will have a friend look it over and let me know if its a stud or a dud.

Well, there is my 15 minute timer for 'blog time'.  I am actually pretty pleasantly surprised that I was able to tap out a pretty respectable length blog in only 15 minutes, though at least half of that time was spent struggling and grumbling with uploading a photo.

I'm off to watch Who with the 13 yo while I put him to work for Brazen.