Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Today has been a lovely day filled with family and good things to eat.  My mother, father, step mother, and her aunt came over for lunch today.  Even though I am not really 'feeling it' this year, it was a lovely meal.  The only things from scratch that I made were the turkey, the mashed potatoes, and the cranberry sauce.  Everything else was with frozen or from a box.  And you know what?  That's really just okay.  Today isn't about wowing my family with my amazing cooking skillz(and I do gots them), it really is about spending time with the people that give you joy.  For some of us that's the family we are born into, and for others, it's the family that we create by surrounding ourselves with awesome people.

Now, for a little shop announcement-I am offering free worldwide shipping now through Monday Dec 1.

I hope you are having a good day with people that you enjoy being around.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Brazen Friday 11/21/2014

I apologize for my bloggular silence, folks. This month has been real roller coaster ride.

This week I have been working on getting my items listed in my etsy shop.  And exciting news! My yarn is now available at a real life local yarn shop.  You can find a selection of Brazen Stitchery Yarns at Jennings Street Yarns in Fort Worth, TX.  ::Kermit Arms::

Here are some of the things that have been listed.  I still have some more batts and all the bags to list, so I have a busy weekend ahead getting that done.

Gandalf The Grey

 By Grabthars Hammer
 District 12
 Pure Blood Shorty Stripes
 TARDIS 3Some Stripe
 Captain Tight Pants 3Some Stripe
 The Hero Of Canton 3Some Stripe
 Vincent and The Doctor Batt
 Dodgeball Champion Gradient Batt
 Punky Monkey Gradient Batt
Witches Brew Gradient Batt
 The Hero of Canton Gradient Batt

So, big shop update doings, with more to come this weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

San Antonio Family Trip/Kid N Ewe 2014

Kid n Ewe was this past weekend.  So was Otha's 10Th birthday.  Last year I missed his birthday-(I KNOOOW, put me down on the Bad Mom List) and I vowed never to do that again.  So, I asked my booth partner whether she needed me there for put up or tear down.  She told me tear down, so I talked with R and we decided to turn this into an opportunity for a family trip to San Antonio which is not very far from Boerne.  So, last week was even crazier than the normal lead in to an away festival because I was not only crossing my t's and dotting my i's for Brazen Stitchery, but also getting the family stuff together and taking care of animal arrangements and all that stuff.

We took Clarence, The Rescue Bully, with us on trip because I very specifically booked a pet friendly hotel, so there was also making sure that we had everything for him.  Bru went to a friends house and Dot went to my moms. So they each had to have overnight bags and kennels with them as well.  Clarence was great once he settled into the trip and realized that we weren't taking him to the vet, Dot did well with my mom, but Bru had an 'accident' on our friends carpet, so next time we plan a trip, we will have to figure something else out.  She will either have to go to a kennel, or we will have to have someone in to house/pet sit because Urine In The Carpet is not how I want people to remember us.

While down in San Antonio, we saw the Alamo, The Fire Museum, and The Riverwalk.  The great thing about our hotel was that we were just blocks away from all of these things.  So we walked everywhere.

Otha chose Rainforest Cafe for his birthday which, unless he chooses it for his next Birthday, I am okay with not ever going there again.  But he had a blast, so that's all that matters.

Then, when we got up on Sunday, we checked out of the hotel and R dropped me off at Kid N Ewe.  Katie worked her tail feather off to get this booth up and was all alone for the first two days.  I don't know HOW she did it, but she did!  We are not happy with booth layout in actuality, what worked great in theory, did not work so great in the real world.  So we are going back to the drawing board on it.

Our next event is Yellow Rose Fiber Producers Festival in Seguin, TX January 9-10.  So, If you missed us this time, you can find us there in a little less than 2 months!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kid N Ewe Prep

My life is consumed right now with preparing to do Kid N Ewe this weekend.  It's down in Boerne Tx which is close to San Antonio.

Here is a basket of fabulous yarn waiting for their labels.  I only lost 2 of the planned skeins of self striping.  One was so tangled I didn't even try to reskein it, the other went horribly wrong in the reskeining effort, so yarn for me!
 Katie of The Barbed Dragon came over so that we could figure out our booth set up.  She is going down alone and I am coming down the last day to help with tear down.  So, we had to get our booth figured out in my living room.
Life is very frantic right now-I am looking forward to next week when I can feel like I get a breath again.