Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, The Sequel

We do not just have one Thanksgiving around here.  I generally make a meal for us to share with my mom, then we get together with R's family and my dad separately.  We had our meal with my mom on Thursday and then we went to R's sisters house Friday and saw her and her wife and my FIL and his wife.

And, Oh. My. Yarbles!  My MIL has a bull terrier puppy that is so very adorable.  He is tan and white in the way that Sparky was.  And so cute, warm and snuggly.

We have yet to get together with my dad, hopefully we can work that in this weekend.  I had planned to go to his house on Thursday, but we had a communication melt down that meant that I had no idea when to be there.

And Man!  I think we used more milk and butter in the prep of Thursdays meal than we generally use in a week.  But it was delicious!

I hope that you, my single solitary reader, had a lovely meal and day spent with at least one person you love.  I feel very thankful that I have my silly boys and wild husband to share my every day with.

Highlight of the day-Li is playing Fur Elise on the piano while O dances around the living room playing a fart whistle.  I love my boys and their completely different personalities so much!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Hey Ya'll!  I am a small shop, so I can't really compete with all of the big box retailers offering crazy discounts.  But what I can do is-Offer a free upgrade to priority post for all of my US customers AND through December 3, all orders will include CHOCOLATE.

Come to the shop, check it out.  Maybe you'll see something you just have to have.  Maybe you just want some chocolate.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's the Day Before Thanksgiving, ya'll!

Oh, man.  This time of year really snuck up on me-and it's a late T-day this year.  Just about everything sneaks up on me lately though.

I think I lost a couple of weeks while preparing for Kid and Ewe in October because the middle of November was here before I was ready for it.

What am I working on besides procrastinating?  Well, I am working on getting samples ready for the Phat Fiber December Box-The 'Hollywood Glamour'.  The fiber I had already torn into sample sizes before Kid and Ewe and the yarn was a complete accident that I mad edit the theme.  I will blog about that accident when I post some pics maybe next week.

R wants a feast to end all feasts.  So we are having Turkey, all manner and type of sides, rolls, and 2 kinds of pie.  well, really, I COULD get away with only doing a pumpkin pie, but mama loves pecan pie-and my pecan pie is the bomb.

Well, I should get back to my sewing machine so I can finish up the cute bags I am doing for the phat fiber box and work on the giveaway item for December.  It is crazy cute and my goal is to have it up on here this weekend.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Wool Hats and Jack Frost

Jack Frost came and visited last night, and boy were the kids excited.  They spent several minutes outside eating icicles.  I told them as long as they did not eat the yellow icicles we were all good.  It is nice to be able to wear all of the hand knit woolen things we have.

We have our last rehearsal of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever before Thanksgiving tonight.  When we start back up next week, we start right in the thick of tech week.  For those of you who do not know what tech week is, it is when all the everything-lights, sound, costumes-in a play have to come together.  It usually makes for a stressful week for techies and actors alike.

Also, tomorrow, I start up rehearsal for Cash on Delivery that opens on New Years Eve.  I am excited about this play because it is a farce and farces are my favorite kind of play to be in.  Whatever ridiculous thing can happen usually does happen.  So, I gotta dust off my British accent and be a meanie.  The meanie in a farce is often hard to play, because it involves keeping a straight face through out all of the crazy antics happening around you.  And believe me when I say, this play is chock full of crazy antics.

Last Thursday, I hit a milestone in my shop that was very exciting for me-My 300th Sale!  Woo!  I opened shop in February of 2012 and it took me almost 3 months to make my first sale.  So, I feel like this is a huge thing for me.

This week, I will be updating 3 items everyday- a bag, yarn, and fiber. All of it is overflow from prepping for Kid n' Ewe, so it is sort of like having a week 'off'.

Todays update was....

A Very TARDIS Christmas on BFL

TARDIS Variegated on my 2 ply 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon Base

And this dual fabric TARDIS Tote Bag.

Yes, Yes.  It's all Doctor Who.  That's mostly because I am a dork, but also because the 50th anniversary special was on this past weekend.  I loved it by the way, but will not say anything else because...Spoilers.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oops Happens...

Especially when you are trying to sew speedily.  I glanced at the Star Wars fabric I had cut out for a tote bag, noticed that 'Star Wars' was right side up and commenced to sewing.  Except, Except, Except, when I was done sewing I noticed that the SHIPS WERE UPSIDE DOWN!  It turns out that on this fabric, 'Star Wars' is always right side up.  :Le Sigh:  So now it is in the shop as a 'One of a Kind Upside Down Star Wars Bag'.  

I think it is still an awesome bag, and hey, if it doesn't sell in the shop, I will have a funny story to carry stuff around in.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back From Boerne...

Phew, folks!  I survived the Boerne trip.  All in all, it was a fun weekend and I got to meet lots of neat people and look at lots of lovely knitting and crocheting.

It was real hard work-This was my first 'away form home' show.  I learned a lot from this and am glad that I had done a local show so that other things were not a surprise.

One of my favorite moments was looking out of the booth and seeing this clueless guy standing there wearing a Star Trek shirt.  I said to him, 'Sir! I have something you want!'.  He said, 'Ya do?!' and I said 'Yep!  Right Here!' and held up a Star Trek tote bag.  He said, 'You're right!  I do want that!'.  He was pleased as punch and even posted on Facebook that he had bought the bag and that he never thought he would buy something at a wool festival.

This is what my corner of the booth looked like...
 This is what the entire booth looked like...

I would consider doing this show again, but only if I brought the whole family since it is always on O's birthday weekend.