Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Of These Things is Just Like The Other One....

One of the things that I purchased with my earnings from DFW Fiber Fest 2013 was this cool skein winder from Wooden Spinner on etsy.  It is well made and even has a row counter built into it.  And it wasn't too hard on the pocket book.  It was a bit of a squeak from use right now, but a little oil and I think that'll clear right up.  This tool has made skeining mini skeins for the Phat Fiber sampler go much quicker/easier and skeining my handspun go super fast.  I love this tool-it has saved my shoulders form the work of using a niddy noddy to skein.

And, another thing I love about it is that it take mere minutes to turn this skein, which admittedly, is lovely....
 Into this skein which I think is gorgeous.
 These are both the same color way, one is what it looks like out of the dye pot, the other is reskeined into a 2 yard skein.

I am not gonna do this with every skein, but I think that more of my skeins may end up being reskeined.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Experimenting with Color

This skein of yarn timed out in my etsy shop with out being sold, so I decided to try some things with dye that I am normally a little to timid to attempt.  This was only twisted and dyed with my basic red dye, so you see everything from true red to pink in the skein.  I called it 'My Heart Bleeds for You'.

So, first I thought that I could add yellow and make an orange skein.  Not so much.  I also just took the dry skein, which I usually give everything a nice long soak, and threw it into my prepared dye pot.  My pot was all heated, acided, and the dye was already in when I chucked in the dry skein.  I did not get what I thought would happen.  So, then, when my dyepot was clear, meaning that the dye was all soaked up, I squeezed out the extra water, and threw more acid and some orange in the dyepot.  Huh.  That didn't really do what I expected either.  So, then I squeezed out the water again, threw more acid and hot pink in the dyepot.  I let the dye exhaust, and really, I did not get what I thought I would when I started the experiment.  But, I do think that I achieved my goal of having a deeply layered and colored skein.  As you can see, the reds are all 'hotter' than they were in the original color way.  Also, no pink.  There are some moments of a hot orange, but it is a deep and vibrant red orange.  So, mission accomplished.  


I was looking at it last night and held it up-'Look babe-It's like the fires of Mordor!' to which he replied-'Huh.  I think it looks like Kool-Aid.'


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013


One of my jobs as a parent, aside from making sure my children are fed and clean, is to instill confidence.  It is one of the many reasons why I homeschool.  I was mercilessly picked on by my school mates growing up.  My mom would tell me how pretty and smart I was(while telling me I had chubby knees, but that's a subject for another day) and then I would go to school and be told by my peers that I was fat, ugly, and stupid.

So, who did I believe?  My Mom?  Who was contractually obligated to tell me that I was pretty and smart?  Or the kids that I saw more hours a day than my mother, that told me I was ugly and stupid?  Well, I believed the kids, don't ya know.

 My kids do get interactions with other kids via our homeschool social group, and any outside extracurricular activities.  My job, as a mom, is to keep an eye on things.  Make sure that my kids have an appropriate response to bullying (yes, all kids bully, it's not just a public school thing), and guide them through without getting all up in the middle of it.  I want my kids to work things out and make decisions without my interference.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Around To It

Today, I have started listing the rest of the yarn that I have left from my DFW Fiber Fest dyeing frenzy.  I will be listing new things daily.  i have found that listing one item a day does help to keep the traffic up in the shop over listing 10 things in one day.  I have also started sewing bags again for the shop.  I spent a day cutting and so have enough ready to sew that I should be good for the the next few weeks.

Today, I am planning on converting a couple of pairs of pants with blown out knees into shorts for O and continuing the work of getting everything put back into it's proper place after our flooring adventure.  Are we done?  No, we still have 3 transitions and most of the baseboards to do, but if we tackle one room a weekend, we should be good to go.

Next on the major house list is the boyo's bathroom.  This room is REAL small, ya'll.  It is roughly the size of a handicap stall in a public restroom.  My goal in this room is to replace the cabinet sink with a pedestal sink, replace the flooring, put up shelves, and paint.  I have the flooring, sink, and paint, we just need the sink hardware and plumbing.  I will put updates on here-I want to get this done by September 1, so it'll be my summer project.

I am really proud of this custom dye job that I did last week.  T wanted 3 skeins to do a Color Affection shawl that matched some shoes.  I love this grey that I ended up with.  I used a copious amount of silver grey and a touch of jet black to get this color.  I am gonna try for this color again.  It is so pleasing to me.  The blue I named 'True Blue', the grey 'Dark and Stormy', and the yellow 'Sunshine On My Shoulder'.

My Women Of Power small anything goes bag was feature in a zine last week at and my Pam yarn was featured in a new podcast at  

Well, this was a rambly blog post.  I hope you guys are having a good Monday!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Phat Fiber Villains

The theme for the Phat Fiber Sampler Box for June is 'Villains'.  So, I had some fun with this one.  I thought and thought and picked the brains of other people before I committed dye to yarn.

I find the Cybermen character on Doctor Who to be particularly creepy.  Nothing, save the Doctor, can keep a human from being upgraded-or turned into a non-feeling almost invincible robot person for you non geeks out there.  It just gives me the creepies when there's a Cyberman involved.  So what better than to have a color way dedicated to them?  Human Point Two is grays on a 70% SW Merino/25% Nylon/5% Stellina base and has 438 yd per 100 g Skein.

 The other character I was inspired by was Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  Gollum is the nasty alter ego of Smeagol, a river folk that accidentally found a ring with unimaginable power.  The power of the ring warps all that is good in a person and makes them into a nasty nasty.  Tricksy is blue, gray, and yellow on 4 ply 75% SW BFL/25% Nylon Sock.  It has 464 yd to a 100 g skein.
 And last, but definitely not least, is the color way that is inspired by Irene Adler of the Sherlock Holmes universe.  Is she a bad girl that wants to be good?  Or a good girl that wants to be bad?  It just depends on the day!  I love this character and her duplicity gives the character a very human quality.
Adlerpated has crimson, pink, purple, and dark blue and is on a silky lace yarn that is 80% Merino/20% Silk.  It has 875 yd to 100 g.  This is my first time working with this base and it feels like a dream.  I imagine it will knit up with a fantastic drape and sheen.

So, that is one thing I've been working on.  Breaking these into samples for the box, labeling them, and packaging them takes a good amount of work and time.  I have run a bit late in getting my samples to them the past couple of months.  My goal is to have next months samples out by the last friday of this month.  First, I need an Under The Sea inspiration.  So, here's to days of google fu-ing.