Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Workin' It Wednesday 1/8/14

Well, this week I finished this spin...

I got approximately 300 yards and my scale reads it at 7.95 oz.  I am planning on making mittens for the boys out of it.

AND I finished my shawlllll!!!!

Otha was my photographer.  Picture me saying go before each photo.

I used Little Monkey Stitch and Spin yarn and knit the Harry Shawl with it.  I wanted a pattern that would allow the yarn to show all of it's fabulousness.  I did not look at the pattern right, so my interpretation of the shawl has it's own design features.  Like 3 eyelet sections instead of 5 or more.

 O said -'Mom!  You look like a cow girl!'

Other than knitting and spinning, I have also opened a show and started back to school, so most of my energy has been going towards the feeding, clothing, and schooling of 2 very awesome kids.  I am planning on a shop update on Friday.  I have some great new color ways coming out!

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