Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Workin' It Wednesday 1/1/2014

This week I got the shawl off of the shish kabob skewers.
 I went down a few rows and attempted to pick up a lower row since I had sort of made a hash of it while saving it.
 I still had to unpick one whole row, but now I am past the point that I was at when my needle broke.  My goal this week is to get to the eyelet section of the pattern.

I also dyed 20 skeins of yarn.  I will give ya'll a closer look when they are processed. (the trash bag you see behind the yarn is fabric, not trash)

I finished cable plying my batts from Little Monkey Stitch and Spin.   It ended up at app. 240 yards and still needs a bath. The mini skein is just a straight 2 ply at about 80 yd.

And I spun up 8 oz of singles to be turned into a fun and spunky 2 ply to make mittens for the boys.  This is one of my own color ways that expired out of the shop and I snatched up.

Happy New Years ya'll!  I have a few resolutions for my family, crafting, and business life that I may share on a different day.

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