Friday, November 21, 2014

Brazen Friday 11/21/2014

I apologize for my bloggular silence, folks. This month has been real roller coaster ride.

This week I have been working on getting my items listed in my etsy shop.  And exciting news! My yarn is now available at a real life local yarn shop.  You can find a selection of Brazen Stitchery Yarns at Jennings Street Yarns in Fort Worth, TX.  ::Kermit Arms::

Here are some of the things that have been listed.  I still have some more batts and all the bags to list, so I have a busy weekend ahead getting that done.

Gandalf The Grey

 By Grabthars Hammer
 District 12
 Pure Blood Shorty Stripes
 TARDIS 3Some Stripe
 Captain Tight Pants 3Some Stripe
 The Hero Of Canton 3Some Stripe
 Vincent and The Doctor Batt
 Dodgeball Champion Gradient Batt
 Punky Monkey Gradient Batt
Witches Brew Gradient Batt
 The Hero of Canton Gradient Batt

So, big shop update doings, with more to come this weekend!

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