Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekending January 19, 2015

I haven't struggled too much yet with having to write the new year down.  Maybe because I don't actually write what year I'm in too terribly much?

You guys.  Yooooou Guuuuuuys.  I made a mistake.  Ugh.  I drank a cup of the Newmans Own Keurig coffee and while it was delicious, I am feeling really rough because i have given up caffeine.  I decided to splurge and have a cup and now I am feeling really yucky.  ButlookhowfastIcantype!!!!!
WheeEEEeeeEEEeee!  And exclamation marks are soooo FUUUUNNNN!!!!

Lately I have been dealing with some hard emotional times (like I'm really struggling for sure).  I had to soldier on to prepare for Yellow Rose but since I've been home I have been thisclose to being a basket case.  I wish I were one of those people that compulsively cleaned and forgot to eat when I am struggling but instead I am the kind of person thats all 'Sure I like more (insert junk food here)!!  I'll have to eat it over the sink or on a napkin, because there are no clean dishes in pants that I've worn 2 days in a row!!!  And brushing my hair?  I'm so over it.  That's so 2014!'

So, on to my weekend.  I worked Saturday at the yarn shop and then I spent yesterday in sweat pants lying prone and watching movies.  Oh.  My.  Bob.  Cutthroat Island Though?  I really is a as bad as everyone says it is.  I don't know what was worse-The acting, the writing, or the casting.  But woo.  I did think the story was the best part and that it actually had potential to be a better movie with a different cast or director.

And, It was time to switch out my Jamberry wraps since it had been two weeks.  I decided to go with a random design-So each nail has a different wrap.  And I think it is delightfully chaotic!

I did French tips on the pinkie(Je Suis Charlie!), ombre on the ring finger, TARDIS on the middle, painted polka dots on the pointer, and stitched away on the thumb.

Ah, sweet mother of God.  I am actually starting to come down from my caffeine high.  Look!  I can type all normal again!!!!  Though exclamation marks are still GREAT!!!!!!

My goals this week are to finish a knit project, finish spinning bobbin 2 of a three ply I started forever ago, and start to get the house back in order.  I also need to start prepping and dyeing self striping for the trunk show that I am doing at Inskein Yarns over V-Day.

I hope this blog post finds you well and that you aren't struggling to come down from a caffeine high like I am.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I have been featured on the Undead Yarns podcast.  I am in episode 37.  She and I spent a lot of time chatting and admiring each others work.

Which also reminds me, I need to do a blog about what I bought at the show and show off what I bought from her.

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