Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weekending: The Yellow Rose 2015 Edition

This past weekend, I vended at the Yellow Rose Fiber Producers Festival in Seguin, TX.  Seguin was such a cute little town-with a historic down town and surrounded by historic houses.  We had a good time and met some new people and chatted with some folks that we've met before.

The festival is not usually in January-it's usually in the spring, but there was a scheduling conflict and the only weekend that the Seguin convention center had available was this past weekend-so instead of not holding the show at all, the organizers decided that to have a show at a wonky time is better than not having a show at all.  And yes, the crowds were not huge, but that could also be because there was some weather events happening in the area that made people want to stick close to home.  We still had a good time, and met lots of people, and the attendees were in a buying mood, so while this wasn't fiscally our best show to date, it was not our worst either.  And I think we did pretty well for our first year there AND icy weather!

Katie from The Barbed Dragon and I are definitely looking forward to vending at this show in April 2016.

Here's a little collage of our weekend.
 And here's my Franken Blanket that I've been working on since 2012.  I worked on here a little at the show and at the hotel.

And I have a question for you, dear reader.  What knitting podcasts are you fans of?  I haven't ever been a regular podcast listener, so I am interested in maybe becoming one.  Post what you like about your favorite podcasts in the comment section below.

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  1. My favorite video podcasts (in no particular order..) are A Homespun House, the Fat Squirell Speaks, TheKnitGirllls, Wolfe Farms, Knit all the Things, Knitting in Circles, Must Stash, Stockinette Zombies, Stitched Together, Deepbluerenegade, and the Patchwork Peach.
    My favorite audio podcasts are the Knitmore Girls, the Sampler Girl, Dark Knit, and Twin Set Designs.