Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yellow Rose 2015 Purchases

You know, I didn't really need to buy anything.  My house is all akimbo with the very beginnings of a craft reorganization so I sort of have everything every where.  And this is where I don't tell you that I still have my Christmas Tree up...the ornaments are down so at least theres been progress.

But, there I was.  At a yarn and fiber festival.  And feeling pretty raw emotionally.  So, a few things had to come home with me.

First things first.  I recently became the latest Jamberry Nail Junkie.  I went to a friends house in early November for a party and I. Was. Hooked.  Which is good because I bought a couple of sheets at Kid n' Ewe.  I just became a consultant too-So if you too want to have fabulous nails, let me know and I'll hook you up with some sass.  Anyways, a fellow Jamberry consultant was at Yellow Rose-she's my grand-sponser of sorts, and she had some custom made Doctor Who Jams-so I had to get them.
 And there was a vendor there doing her first ever show, and she had some fabulous yarn.  So I HAD to support the newbie.  You can find her at Undead Yarn-She has an etsy shop and a podcast that you should check out.  Hopefully we will vend together again in the future.
 And there was also a LYS that had this fabulous yarn from Yarn Carnival on one of my favorite bases.  I plan on making a big soft shawl with this yarn.
 And, I was lent a loom by some really kind local weavers-that I haven't even touched yet.  And across the aisle from me was a booth that was a Saori style weaving booth.  So I got a shuttle and some bobbins because I didn't think I had one.  But, I got home to find that the people HAD given me one of those too, so maybe it was unnecessary, But I will use it.
So there.  That is what I bought at Yellow Rose 2015.  I plan on curtailing my yarn purchases for a while until I have 10 completed projects under my belt.  So, I guess that means I better get to work!

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