Thursday, August 20, 2015

Workin' It/Weekending August 20, 2015

So, right now my week is a little 'off'.  Now that I have a full time job that does not have a traditional weekend, I tend to work all Sat and Sun and my weekend is Tues/Wed.

So, hence the combo post.  And, I wasn't here yesterday, got in at 10 last night, so even though I had some vague notion of blogging last night, I wouldn't have been very coherent with it.  So hence the combined blog.  First up...

This past 'weekend' for me was spent with one of the people I love most in the world, Roiana.  Roiana  is one of the founding members of the knitting group that I joined 7 years ago.  She has since moved to the wilds of Tennessee and is working on living her dream of being a shepherd and independent business lady.  She specializes in tatting cottons and silks and her colors are beautimus.  And, butterflies love her, so that makes her extra awesome.

 I went to visit her and we went to the Tennessee Aquarium where we had a lovely time looking at the fish.  They have a 'petting' aquarium with stingrays and a small shark.  They also had a 'river' building and a 'ocean' building.  I think the boys liked the ocean building best, because, Hello!  Sharks AND Cuttle Fish!

And this is the boys playing the next day in her back yard.  Yes, it's just as idyllic as it looks, you can ask my sunburned face and arms about that!  I just did not want to go in.  It was lovely wading and skipping stones and watching the kids catch crawfish and TRY to catch minnows.
We had such a lovely time.  This is the one thing about having the full time job that makes it worth it to me.  Twice in the last month I have gotten to go visit people that I love.

And Now, Workin' It:

So I started the second sock and work half heartedly on it while on the plane.  There was surprisingly little time to knit while I was in Tennessee, but that's okay!  I got to hang out with the sheepies.

I got to the beginning of the heel flap, but didn't knit too much on the plane ride home because I was in middle seat and felt a little uncomfortable moving my arms too much since we were packed in like sardines.

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  1. We miss you already - when are you coming back????

    Scooter looked in the guest room this morning and said "I had boyz yesterday - what did you do wiz mah BOYZ, mama?????"