Monday, November 23, 2015

Of Kid N Ewe, Periscope, and a Ravelry Giveaway

Hey guys!  Kid N Ewe has come and gone and I had lots of fun hanging with friends and meeting new people.
Here is what I started with.

    About 2 hours later, this is what I had.
 I tried to make my booth inviting from both angles.
 Most things had quirky signs.
 I really like that little shelf.  I think I am gonna get more for the next event.

 I added carabiners for purchase so that people could upgrade their bags and make them clippy.
 This is Sherlock. He belongs to my host and is very sweet.
 This is a goat awaiting his shearing at the show.

Now today is Monday.  Monday I have made my dye day.  On todays list District 12 and I am Groot.  I also have a couple of things that I am gonna dye tomorrow because I am also trying to reorganize and clean, so I've been doing that today as well.
 And here, dear friends, is where we reach the giveaway part of the blog.  This giveaway is hosted on my Ravelry Group.

And, exciting news goose!  I have joined Twitter and Periscope.  You can find me there as @BrazenStitchery.

Sorry for the brevity of the blog today, I have a long list of things that I still want to get done today.

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