Thursday, November 12, 2015

Looking Forward to Kid N Ewe 2015!

I am really looking forward to coming out to Kid N Ewe this weekend.  Not only will it be a weekend spent with people that I like to hang out and talk with, but it is also the debut of running my own booth.  Katie of The Barbed Dragon and I were bursting at the seams of the last booth we did together so we decided that it was time to get individual booths.  I have been stressed out that I do not have 'enough' but after my count last night I think I will be just fine.  I dyed over 130 fresh skeins(which added to the previous skeins makes 230), have 60 braids of fiber, and 86 bags.

Here's all the 'fresh' skeins labeled up and ready for their final count.

Here is You'll Shoot Your Eye Out self striping.  Available on Paparazzi and Duet Sock and Paparazzi and Interlude DK.  

 Here are the fiber bins all packed up and ready to go.  I did 10 color ways on 3 different bases, and it was really neat being how each base took the color.

And here is O, my Chief Bag Stringer hard at work putting the drawstrings in my small Anything Goes Bags.

I will have a couple of specials at the show.  If you show proof of purchase from Little Monkey Stitch N Spin or Inskein Yarns that you purchased one of their patterns that features The Companion, Cyber Queen, or Captain Tight Pants, then you get 10% off of that color way.

Other specials will happen throughout the weekend.

Also,  Exciting News! I will have items from one of my very favorite local shepherds Jules of Lazy Pie Farms.  She has given me permission to sell her items in my booth.  So come and see what she sends with me.  Trust me, it'll be good!

Hope to see some of ya'll at the show!

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