Friday, May 17, 2013

That Elusive Thing Called Balance


It is what I struggle with most in my life.

I tend to hyperfocus on one thing at a time.  I can be tucked into bed and then fly out of it searching for the checkbook.  Because I can not rest until I know where it is.

I can have a clean house, home made food, and educate the kids-but if I excel at those things I can't really DO anything else without all of the household stuff falling aside.

I have gotten better.  When I used to be involved in theatrical productions, the house would fall into wreck and ruin from day one.  I have now gotten to the point that it doesn't fall apart until right before the opening of the show.  And then I am able to pull it back together within a week or so of opening.

Now, I have this fun fiber business, and find myself struggling with my old friend Balance again.  I am finding that it really does take away from my household and family obligations every bit as much as my theatrical endeavors.

So, I need to pull back.

Because a tidy house IS important to my mental health.  Feeling like my kids are getting a good education is important to me and their future.  Having food that is mostly prepared by me in my own kitchen makes my whole family healthier.

I will still dye and sew, but I will have to focus on making it part of my life and not on letting it take over my life.

I also find myself struggling with screen time.  Between my phone, the regular computer, and my tablet, I find that I spend several hours on an average day just looking at a screen.

To challenge myself for the next 30 days, I am gonna make Sat and Sun webfree days for myself.  And, during the week, I am going to spend 1 hour or less on the web.

I think that at the end of the 30 days I will find time to get the balance that is all askew in my life.


  1. Balance is a tricky one, but I have also found that "screen time" is no longer an option, but more of a necessity.

    1. Yes, there are necessary screen time moments. But I often get sucked into the circle of imbecility. I constantly circle through my 3 most visited web sites.

  2. I agree on all of this. My house falls into disarray easily too and it takes longer to put it back together. I have been trying to find balance myself for a few years now. I end up getting burned out and sleep for a full day occasionally. Then I am right back at it, overdoing here and falling behind there....some day...some day.