Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Working on the Weekend

Long story short, a few years ago we had a slab leak, it was repaired, and even though the patch was blockaded and not really in a path, or Boston Terrier Dot managed to leave a lasting imprint.

Dad and Ray working hard in the living room.

                                             Keeping the neighborhood classy.
                                               Underlayment in the office.
                                                         Almost done living room.
                                                           Boyo's room.

                                          Boy, are my feet tired-But hey!  at least I am wearing cute shoes.
                                               Boys bunks back together.

We floored the front of the house, a little into the hall, and the boy's room.  All that we have left in those rooms are the quarter round around the base boards and the transition pieces.

Next up-Hall and spare bedroom.

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