Thursday, May 23, 2013

With a Little Help From My Friends

I am sitting here waiting for my friend M to come and help me shift things around and put more things back into their permanent home from being shifted all about while working on the floor.

I have a hard time asking my husband to help me.  A.  Isn't it obvious that some thing needs to be done? and B.  He works so hard for us to have the house we live in, food we eat, clothes we wear that I feel(incorrectly) that I should be able to handle all of the household everything.

That's where friends come in handy.  My friend M and I have swapped house cleaning duties, child care duties, and baked together for a bake sale she was participating in.  She really is my go to friend for when I need a little non-judgmental help with my house.  I feel so grateful to have her because it is not often that you can feel comfortable enough with some one to let them see all of the nitty gritty aspects in your life.

I also find that if I have someone to share the workload and chat with I get things done much faster and with a happier heart.  I love the feeling of working with someone to get a big or even little job done.  Listening to music will work to bolster my endurance when it comes to doing all the tedious tasks that my life is filled with, but there is really nothing like having a work mate.

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  1. Did you guys get things settled back into place?