Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bottom of The Box

I sat and looked at the pile of stuff in my living room that did not belong for at least a week.  I spent whole days reading books while over the top of the book was chaos and craziness.  So, when M came over last Thursday, I had decided that if I could get to the bottom of the game and puzzle box, the rest would just flow from there.  So, she helped me shift things around and get the mega box to beside the fish tank.  Cut to one more day of staring at the mess and on Saturday I found This:

 Look!  It's the bottom of the game and puzzle box.  Everything is put neatly back into the cabinets and cubbies underneath the fish tank.  That wasn't THAT hard.

Then, it was time to tackle the rest of it.  At the beginning of Saturday this is what the front of my house looked like.

And, at the end of the day, it looked like this.  Not 100% done, but definitely a great deal more livable and peaceful.


  1. FLOOR!!!! I SEE FLOOR!!!!!!

    Which, is generally the largest accomplishment in my house...... LOLOL ;)

    Looking good kids!!

  2. I am loving your floors! Beautiful...good to have a handy family!!