Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Around To It

Today, I have started listing the rest of the yarn that I have left from my DFW Fiber Fest dyeing frenzy.  I will be listing new things daily.  i have found that listing one item a day does help to keep the traffic up in the shop over listing 10 things in one day.  I have also started sewing bags again for the shop.  I spent a day cutting and so have enough ready to sew that I should be good for the the next few weeks.

Today, I am planning on converting a couple of pairs of pants with blown out knees into shorts for O and continuing the work of getting everything put back into it's proper place after our flooring adventure.  Are we done?  No, we still have 3 transitions and most of the baseboards to do, but if we tackle one room a weekend, we should be good to go.

Next on the major house list is the boyo's bathroom.  This room is REAL small, ya'll.  It is roughly the size of a handicap stall in a public restroom.  My goal in this room is to replace the cabinet sink with a pedestal sink, replace the flooring, put up shelves, and paint.  I have the flooring, sink, and paint, we just need the sink hardware and plumbing.  I will put updates on here-I want to get this done by September 1, so it'll be my summer project.

I am really proud of this custom dye job that I did last week.  T wanted 3 skeins to do a Color Affection shawl that matched some shoes.  I love this grey that I ended up with.  I used a copious amount of silver grey and a touch of jet black to get this color.  I am gonna try for this color again.  It is so pleasing to me.  The blue I named 'True Blue', the grey 'Dark and Stormy', and the yellow 'Sunshine On My Shoulder'.

My Women Of Power small anything goes bag was feature in a zine last week at and my Pam yarn was featured in a new podcast at  

Well, this was a rambly blog post.  I hope you guys are having a good Monday!

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