Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Of These Things is Just Like The Other One....

One of the things that I purchased with my earnings from DFW Fiber Fest 2013 was this cool skein winder from Wooden Spinner on etsy.  It is well made and even has a row counter built into it.  And it wasn't too hard on the pocket book.  It was a bit of a squeak from use right now, but a little oil and I think that'll clear right up.  This tool has made skeining mini skeins for the Phat Fiber sampler go much quicker/easier and skeining my handspun go super fast.  I love this tool-it has saved my shoulders form the work of using a niddy noddy to skein.

And, another thing I love about it is that it take mere minutes to turn this skein, which admittedly, is lovely....
 Into this skein which I think is gorgeous.
 These are both the same color way, one is what it looks like out of the dye pot, the other is reskeined into a 2 yard skein.

I am not gonna do this with every skein, but I think that more of my skeins may end up being reskeined.

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  1. I think they'll sell better if you re-skein them for posting in the shop.