Monday, June 10, 2013

Phat Fiber Villains

The theme for the Phat Fiber Sampler Box for June is 'Villains'.  So, I had some fun with this one.  I thought and thought and picked the brains of other people before I committed dye to yarn.

I find the Cybermen character on Doctor Who to be particularly creepy.  Nothing, save the Doctor, can keep a human from being upgraded-or turned into a non-feeling almost invincible robot person for you non geeks out there.  It just gives me the creepies when there's a Cyberman involved.  So what better than to have a color way dedicated to them?  Human Point Two is grays on a 70% SW Merino/25% Nylon/5% Stellina base and has 438 yd per 100 g Skein.

 The other character I was inspired by was Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  Gollum is the nasty alter ego of Smeagol, a river folk that accidentally found a ring with unimaginable power.  The power of the ring warps all that is good in a person and makes them into a nasty nasty.  Tricksy is blue, gray, and yellow on 4 ply 75% SW BFL/25% Nylon Sock.  It has 464 yd to a 100 g skein.
 And last, but definitely not least, is the color way that is inspired by Irene Adler of the Sherlock Holmes universe.  Is she a bad girl that wants to be good?  Or a good girl that wants to be bad?  It just depends on the day!  I love this character and her duplicity gives the character a very human quality.
Adlerpated has crimson, pink, purple, and dark blue and is on a silky lace yarn that is 80% Merino/20% Silk.  It has 875 yd to 100 g.  This is my first time working with this base and it feels like a dream.  I imagine it will knit up with a fantastic drape and sheen.

So, that is one thing I've been working on.  Breaking these into samples for the box, labeling them, and packaging them takes a good amount of work and time.  I have run a bit late in getting my samples to them the past couple of months.  My goal is to have next months samples out by the last friday of this month.  First, I need an Under The Sea inspiration.  So, here's to days of google fu-ing.