Monday, June 24, 2013

Experimenting with Color

This skein of yarn timed out in my etsy shop with out being sold, so I decided to try some things with dye that I am normally a little to timid to attempt.  This was only twisted and dyed with my basic red dye, so you see everything from true red to pink in the skein.  I called it 'My Heart Bleeds for You'.

So, first I thought that I could add yellow and make an orange skein.  Not so much.  I also just took the dry skein, which I usually give everything a nice long soak, and threw it into my prepared dye pot.  My pot was all heated, acided, and the dye was already in when I chucked in the dry skein.  I did not get what I thought would happen.  So, then, when my dyepot was clear, meaning that the dye was all soaked up, I squeezed out the extra water, and threw more acid and some orange in the dyepot.  Huh.  That didn't really do what I expected either.  So, then I squeezed out the water again, threw more acid and hot pink in the dyepot.  I let the dye exhaust, and really, I did not get what I thought I would when I started the experiment.  But, I do think that I achieved my goal of having a deeply layered and colored skein.  As you can see, the reds are all 'hotter' than they were in the original color way.  Also, no pink.  There are some moments of a hot orange, but it is a deep and vibrant red orange.  So, mission accomplished.  


I was looking at it last night and held it up-'Look babe-It's like the fires of Mordor!' to which he replied-'Huh.  I think it looks like Kool-Aid.'


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