Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Phat Fiber

So, this months Paht Fiber theme is entomology-bugs.  Now, here's the deal.  I freak out anytime the little things get near me.  So I was not looking forward to the google searches and was not feeling particularly inspired by this theme.

Then, I walked out to my car and saw this on my windshield.
 Oh!  The Colors!  So. Very. Pretty.  I did some googling and discovered that it is a Brumelia Borer-a type of beetle.

So, I took those colors and came up with this self striping sock yarn.  It's on my 100% SW  Merino 2 ply base.  This one is definitely on the list for me to dye for myself.  I named it 'Brumelia Bedelia'.
 I had some of this fabric-which I got from a friend, and made small bags to go in the sampler box and in the shop.  I also have a couple of medium sized ones up in the shop.
 I took the Brumelia Borer again and dyed those colors on a base of organic polwarth wool.  This wool is so fabulously squooshy.  This is 'Brumelia Bedelia' as well.
 This one was an experiment.  I had a colorway in the shop that did not sell at all.  It was a bright yellow and hot green.  I took it and put it in a dyepot with a light bright blue and got this cool skein.  I called it 'Grasshopper Munchies' to go with the Phat Theme of the month.

I am really looking forward to September-Rainbows!  I already have a couple of established colorways that I will dye up and send in.  I'm thinking my Rockin' Rainbow and Candy Rainbow color ways, plus a little something new.

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