Monday, August 12, 2013

Golden Girls Is To Star Trek as Doctor Oz is to Doctor Who

So, I was over at my moms today helping her with something when she mentions that she has heard great things about a new BBC TV show called Broadchurch.  I went on her DVR and set up the recordings for her-and while I was there I noticed that she had 79(YES, 79) episodes of The Golden Girls and 35 episodes of Doctor Oz on her recorded section.  I laughed at her and ribbed her about it.

But then, as I was driving to the pool not too much later, I thought, oh Man!  When my kids are approaching middle ages, they will come over to my house and help me by recording a new show on some new fangled recording device, and they will see 100 episodes covering most of the Star Trek shows, and all of the Doctor Who's.  They will be all 'Mahm! Seriously!  Are you really gonna watch all these?'.

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