Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back From Boerne...

Phew, folks!  I survived the Boerne trip.  All in all, it was a fun weekend and I got to meet lots of neat people and look at lots of lovely knitting and crocheting.

It was real hard work-This was my first 'away form home' show.  I learned a lot from this and am glad that I had done a local show so that other things were not a surprise.

One of my favorite moments was looking out of the booth and seeing this clueless guy standing there wearing a Star Trek shirt.  I said to him, 'Sir! I have something you want!'.  He said, 'Ya do?!' and I said 'Yep!  Right Here!' and held up a Star Trek tote bag.  He said, 'You're right!  I do want that!'.  He was pleased as punch and even posted on Facebook that he had bought the bag and that he never thought he would buy something at a wool festival.

This is what my corner of the booth looked like...
 This is what the entire booth looked like...

I would consider doing this show again, but only if I brought the whole family since it is always on O's birthday weekend.

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