Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's the Day Before Thanksgiving, ya'll!

Oh, man.  This time of year really snuck up on me-and it's a late T-day this year.  Just about everything sneaks up on me lately though.

I think I lost a couple of weeks while preparing for Kid and Ewe in October because the middle of November was here before I was ready for it.

What am I working on besides procrastinating?  Well, I am working on getting samples ready for the Phat Fiber December Box-The 'Hollywood Glamour'.  The fiber I had already torn into sample sizes before Kid and Ewe and the yarn was a complete accident that I mad edit the theme.  I will blog about that accident when I post some pics maybe next week.

R wants a feast to end all feasts.  So we are having Turkey, all manner and type of sides, rolls, and 2 kinds of pie.  well, really, I COULD get away with only doing a pumpkin pie, but mama loves pecan pie-and my pecan pie is the bomb.

Well, I should get back to my sewing machine so I can finish up the cute bags I am doing for the phat fiber box and work on the giveaway item for December.  It is crazy cute and my goal is to have it up on here this weekend.

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