Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving, The Sequel

We do not just have one Thanksgiving around here.  I generally make a meal for us to share with my mom, then we get together with R's family and my dad separately.  We had our meal with my mom on Thursday and then we went to R's sisters house Friday and saw her and her wife and my FIL and his wife.

And, Oh. My. Yarbles!  My MIL has a bull terrier puppy that is so very adorable.  He is tan and white in the way that Sparky was.  And so cute, warm and snuggly.

We have yet to get together with my dad, hopefully we can work that in this weekend.  I had planned to go to his house on Thursday, but we had a communication melt down that meant that I had no idea when to be there.

And Man!  I think we used more milk and butter in the prep of Thursdays meal than we generally use in a week.  But it was delicious!

I hope that you, my single solitary reader, had a lovely meal and day spent with at least one person you love.  I feel very thankful that I have my silly boys and wild husband to share my every day with.

Highlight of the day-Li is playing Fur Elise on the piano while O dances around the living room playing a fart whistle.  I love my boys and their completely different personalities so much!

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