Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekending 2/20/2017

This weekend we attended a funeral for a friend of my 14 year old.

When he called from school last week, I thought he was just calling me about a ridiculous reason, as calls from school tend to be.  And then he said, 'You know Fayth?' (My mind jumps to he wants me to pick a valentine up for her or he's asked her to the school valentine dance as this was Feb. 14) I say 'yeah' and he says 'Her grandmother took her to a hotel, shot her in her sleep, and then killed herself.'

The class sizes at his school are very small so I heard stories regularly about Fayth, and I waved in the passerby sort of way to her grandmother.  Fayth was always ready with a smile and often said hi to my both of my kids as we walked by each other.  And I know that my children will always carry her in their hearts.

Please.  Please.  If you believe that self harm or the harm of a loved one is the answer, please seek help.  PLEASE SEEK HELP.

Suicide Prevention Website

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  1. Stacey, This is an overwhelming tragedy!! It's hard to fathom as an adult, but for kids...I'm so sorry your kids, their friends, and you have to go through this!!