Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekending Feb 11/12 2017-TXOLAN

This past weekend I packed up the family and we went to the TXOLAN Alpaca show which is held here in Ft Worth.  Ray and I really appreciated watching the judging but the kids were a bit bored by it.  It was really cool because the judges talked about why they placed each alpaca and what they were looking for.  

 We sat on the 'female side'.  They judge the males and females separately and judge in color and age categories.  There were some really good looking animals.
 This is my 'is he actually taking a picture' face.  O took our picture.
 Then I handed my camera off and the kids went and walked around for a bit while Ray and I watched the judging for a bit.  Here's one of the pics that O snapped.

Li was funny, he was calling the alpaca 'Giraffe Sheep'.  He's so ridiculous.

I also got to chat with some friends that I don't see very often-the local spinners and weaver come out to show off what can be done with alpaca fiber.  

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