Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekending, Thanksgiving 2013

I am trying something new with my blog style.  One of the things that I have seen and liked on other blogs is a blog schedule of sorts.  I am gonna try this schedule...Monday-Post about the previous weekend, Wednesday-Post about my current sewing/knitting/spinning projects, and Friday-Post about food.  I think this will help me stay on a 'schedule' and it keeps the blog varied, but on the same basic topics.

So, this past weekend was Thanksgiving, and as I have already posted in some detail about THAT, I will just move on to the rest of the weekend.

Saturday I had rehearsal for the other play that I am doing-'Cash On Delivery'.  It was a good rehearsal, it's a good cast, and I am very excited about bringing it to the stage.  After a basic stumble through, we all sat around and talked about our characters and what motivates them in their lives.  That is not something that happens in too many of the plays I am involved in, so it was nice to do.

Then I came home and started work(and finished Sunday) on reorganizing my Brazen Stitchery storage area.  It had gotten, not really wild, but jumbled.  When people made an order, I was spending way too much time digging through the bins/bags I had trying to locate what they ordered.  So, I took some of the wire shelving that I use for shows, went to Target and bought file boxes and ziploc bags, and used already owned bins to organize more thoroughly.

 So, now each yarn category has it's own box with sub categories in big glad bags in each box.  One box has sewn bags in their sub categories, one box has the non polwarth/BFL wool.  Inside the cabinet is a bin of BFL and a bin of Polwarth along with tools, shipping supplies, and other miscellaneous items.  I hope that this will facilitate an easier storage and location system for my product.

Also, yesterday, Ray got to do one of his favorite holiday things-Putting up the Christmas lights!  We have a new light up friend-Gnick Gnome.  He goes well with our little rain deer, Fred Instead.  I feel that in a few years we will have a plethora of adorable yard ornaments!

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