Thursday, August 31, 2017

First Annual Make Along-Handmade for the Holidays

Hello and welcome to the first annual Make Along!

The rules are pretty simple. There are 2 threads in my Ravelry Group. The chat thread is to show off WIPs and for encouragement. The FO thread is for completed projects. The goal of this make along is to tackle those handmade gifts that we always SAY we are gonna make, but maybe never get around to.

Crafts that are qualify as part of the MAL

WIPs count for the crochet/knit/weave as long as the project is not more than 50% complete. For the spin/sewing category, they must be fresh projects.

All Finished Projects that contain at least 50g of Brazen Stitchery Yarn count as 2 entries.

Each month I will have 3 drawings. 1 from the Chat Thread, 1 from the FO thread, and one from instagram. Hashtag any photos of wip’s or fo’s with #brazenmakealong on instagram. You must be a member of the Ravelry group to be eligible to win a thread prize, and you must follow Brazen Stitchery on Instagram to win an instagram prize.

Dates for the MAL are Sep 1 - Dec12.
Please feel free to double and triple dip.

Join us for encouragement and fun!

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