Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Blog a Day

This month I am challenging myself to blog everyday.  Well, starting today.  I am trying something new  with the laundry in my house.  Due to surgery and then a really righteous ear infection, 2-3 times a week laundry was just not getting the job done.  So this week I am doing a load a day.  Yesterday I had  the bright idea to ask my kids if they wanted to hang laundry or fold laundry.  They voted fold-so while a new load is going on the line, the one from yesterday is being folded.  Then by the time I get back in the house, all that needs to be done is put the laundry away.  I feel rather brilliant now, even though this was a simple idea.  This means, if I keep it up, that laundry will not sit for days upon days without being folded.  Shoot, i have a couple of baskets back in my room that have sat clean and unfolded for at least 2 weeks.  So, maybe I will tackle that soon.

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  1. Hi Stacey, I have awarded you the Liebster Award! :) Please check out my latest blog post for information!