Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Embalm and Scary On

I did a small update last night at The Shop of some fun seasonally colored fibers and a couple of bags with some awesome fabric that I found.  It's a play off of 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.

I made a couple of the medium sized drawstring bags that I make out of fat quarters and then I experimented with making an unlined tote out of the remaining half yarn.  It has french seams and I finished off the top with some bias tape since that part is pretty ugly and usually hidden by the lining on my lined bags.

With this color way, 'October', I just used all of the colors that make me think of this time of year.  So there's black, pumpkin orange, acid green, and purple.  This one is on BFL.

This one is a take on another color way of mine-'Harvest Moon'.  Only instead of gold, I used the bright green and it's name is 'Zombie Moon'.  This has dark blue, purple, black, and acid green and is also on BFL.

 This one?  I was playing around in my dye pots trying to achieve a gradient.  I have experimented in the past with it and had varying degrees of success.  This one turned out well.  It's blue, dark pink, and orange on organic polwarth.

So, I have also been working on relabeling my products.  Yarn and fiber will now have a label like the one on the left.  My old labels were mostly hand written and hung off of the skeins/braids.  I was going for a more professional/less mangleable tag.  I think it looks good,
 This is most of the fiber that I am labeling and naming to take to Kid n Ewe.
 These are the skeins of DK that I am taking to Kid n Ewe.

Right!  So I have been a busy girl-and still having trouble getting time at ye old sewing machine.  I hope I can do it all!


  1. October and Zombie Moon are gorgeous!!! But all of your work is amazing! Have fun at kid and ewe! :)

  2. The new labels look quite professional.