Monday, October 14, 2013

A Weekend 'Off'

Well, off of the internet for the most part.  I stayed busy and read a book instead of putzing around on the interwebs when I wasn't up to my elbows in dye pots.  I dyed the rest of the fiber for Kid N Ewe in November and a few skeins of self striping yarn.  My goal is to dye 2 skeins of self striping each night until I have what i planned.  I also am gonna dye up some District 12 because I have none of that and it is a very eye catching and striking yarn.  It's my color way that I dyed to look like coal fire.

I am sharing a booth with a couple of other ladies-Rebecca of Lazy Cat Knits and Katie of The Barbed Dragon.  We are all a little Doctor Who mad, so there are plans for a Doctor Who section in the booth.  Hopefully it will go over well!

I ma having trouble, of course, getting everything done in the speed that i want to get it done.  I have barely sewed at all, but hopefully now that the lions share of the dyeing is done, I can buckle down and get to cutting and sewing.  And, if it's sunny enough later I plan on having a small shop update.  I got this great fabric on a whim that says 'Embalm and Scary On' and I have some bags that I made with it.

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