Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekending, 2/18/2014-Constant Vigilance!!

We are homeschoolers and we are trying out a new schedule for our endeavors.  We are doing 6 weeks on/1 week off.  This is the first cycle that we are trying it and I really think that it is gonna work for us.  This week I am really working to get a thorough clean and reorganization of the house.  It is hard when you are in the throws of school to keep a tidy house, and this session started with the house being in pretty rough shape-and it stayed that way the entire 6 weeks.  Oh, I would occasionally muster up the energy to clear a surface or vacuum the rug, but that was about it.  Things would fall on the floor and just sort of stay there.  Until they were needed.

So, This past weekend, I started on the house.  I started in the back corner of the kitchen and worked my way forward.  After 2 hours, I had a corner of the house thoroughly cleaned and organized.  Ray helped by doing the pile of dishes.  Another 2 hour session and the kitchen was done and the path in front of the kitchen, with the office started.  Another 2 hour session and the office was half way done.

I am not exaggerating when I say that my house was a wreck.

Sunday starts and a 2 hour session means that now the office is done and the Brazen Cabinet is being put back together.  The next two hour session included the little desk and the corner where the foos ball table is.  Ray was working on the mountain-and I do mean mountain-of laundry at this point.  Then, all that was left was the seating area-which wasn't too bad comparatively.  I challenged myself to get that done in an hour and with Rays help-I did!

It feels really nice to have the front of house done-but I am also planning on the bedrooms-because they are bad too.  I do not know whose bedroom is worse-Ours or the Boyo's.  They certainly have more little things strewn around, but ours has more big things.

Yesterday, I got up and spent a 2 hour session on the laundry room-the smallest room in the house-It was ridiculous.  But, Now, you can actually see the floor!

I am hoping that with starting off this busy season of school and preparing for DFW Fiber Fest with a completely clean and tidy house means that I can keep it that way with daily maintenance and Constant Vigilance.

Wish me luck?

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  1. LUCK, LUCK, LUCK! The Irish kind! I wish I could be your occasional house fairy. I love that tidy up, organize, Feng Shui, Martha Stewart stuff!

    Your homeschool schedule sounds great! I've been working over my personal schedule trying to balance my artist and social life. I think I will try and implement something similar. I haven't had a free Christmas in almost ten years because of shows.