Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekending February 3, 2014

Well, really this is more of a 'month-ending' since i was pretty absent in January.  This most recent weekend was spent doing errands, swimming, knitting, and watching many episodes of 'Don't Trust The B in Apt 23'.  That show is hilarious and a good way to while away the hours of knitting.

The other weekends of January were mostly consumed with being part of a hilarious play called 'Cash on Delivery'.  It's a British farce and what ever ridiculous thing that could happen, did happen in this play.  Men in drag, mistaken identities, people wearing their underpants on stage, people hitting other people with underpants, mistaken death, a running body bag.  You know, a day in the life of your average London Bloke.

Chilling out during intermission.

Hanging out between shows.

I went to CVS in my show makeup.  And no one batted an eye.

Dressing room antics.

We got a dog in January.  We got him the day he was scheduled to be euthanized.  His name is Clarence and he is a funny guy.  I am still adjusting to being a 3 dog house, and so are the girls.  He has a couple of unofficial names like 'Thunderbutt the Magnificent' and 'DumDum Little Brother'.  He is a very sweet boy and loves to have scratchings and walks around the block.

Ray and I went on a date and decided to thumb wrestle.  I lost...

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