Friday, August 29, 2014

Brazen Friday 8/29/2014

I have my cranky pants on today.  I sure hope I can put on my happy pants before our family comes for lunch tomorrow.

Anyways, here's what's happening at Brazen Stitchery this week.

I have been working on samples for the September Phat Fiber box.  The theme is The Southwest and I have to admit, I was not very excited about the theme when I saw the title.  I thought, 'Oh, Yuck!  Everything is gonna be brown!'  But then, but then, I googled 'Images of The American Southwest' (after just googling 'Southwest' and getting a bunch of airplane pictures) and my eyes were besieged by the beauty of the American Southwest.  Purples, and pinks, and oranges, and blues, Oh My!  Let me tell, you-This has been a fun box to prepare for.

Here are the rolags I am making for the box-BFL, Angelina, and Firestar.
It's gonna be hard to sell these beauties instead of hoarding them.

I also dyed 16 skeins of yarn for the upcoming Blackland Prairie Artisan & Fibre Fair in established color ways 'District 12' and 'Northman'.

And I made myself a little note in my day planner.  This right here is Truth with a capital 'T'.
And, now, I am gonna go get on the drum carder and make more squishy rolags and then do some sewing.

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