Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekending 8/18/2014

This weekend, we pick a few peaches off of the peach tree.

Just a few.

And I took the boys to a birthday party at Build a Bear at Ridgmar Mall.
They had a fun time.  O picked a bulldog that he Named Boby.  Li pick a black bear that he named Monkey Dalek The First.  We also picked up a mall pretzel on our way out.

This is what I did as they partied down in the BaB store.

The boys were lucky enough to have friends over 2 nights in a row to hang out and watch movies.  Friday, I made burgers.  Saturday, I used a slightly expired coupon for a free medium cheese pizza and grabbed some cheese sticks too.  Mom for the win!

Ray went to work at 6:30 Friday morning, and due to a cut cable, did not make it home until 7 am Saturday.  So this was a weekend of recovery for him.

My dad also swung by yesterday and we went to Frescoes for dinner.  I love Frescoes salsa.  I could drink it.  And at this visit, Ray very nearly did.  I think there was something in it that his body was lacking.

We had a big storm most of yesterday morning that resulted in us not having power for about an hour.  I spun and Ray finished reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone to O.

We had a good weekend filled with Friends, Family, and Mall Food. 

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