Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekending 10/13/2014

Oh dear!  I missed a Brazen Friday post!  Ah, well.  I was pretty busy Friday and spent the day in and out of the house.  I hope my 3 readers forgive me.

I went on Friday to IKEA for the very first time because I needed something to aid in the organization of the boys room.  They have been pretty good about keeping it clean for the past two months, but they really had no good storage solutions.  So, I spent Saturday and Sunday working on their room when I wasn't working the MAFIA location of the DFW Yarn Crawl. I bought the 4x4 Kallax shelf.  I was glad that I had my friend Carol with me when I went to the store because I was feeling very overwhelmed.

This is the pile of yarn that I brought for the last weekend of the Yarn Crawl.  Some of it did not end up coming home with me.

Not really a 'before' pic so mach as an 'in progress' pic.  I had to make a mess to clean the mess.
 and the new Kallax shelf in the boys room.
 And the award for most random find is awarded to the tin of pumpkin? seeds.
 After that, I better get chocolate!
 And last night, a big storm blew in and caused this to happen.  Glad R realized it had happened before or dogs went on a walkabout.

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