Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekending 10/6/2014

This weekend was busy and fun.  The DFW Yarn Crawl started on Friday and I spent some time hanging with some of the MAFIA girls and chatting with fellow fiberistas.  Then on Saturday, Liam had an all day performance with the Plaza Showstoppers Company-so I dropped him off to that and headed out to support some local yarn shops.  I went to Heritage Arts in Grandview and The Knitting Fairy in Grand Prairie.  I wish I had a larger budget to support these ladies with, but alas and alack I do not.  I then went to the MAFIA location to spend the rest of the day, but Li called and told me that he had a performance at three and wanted me to be there.  So, I zoomed from Mansfield to Cleburne and was only 10 minutes late-which is pretty good considering how far I had to go.  Then I came home and worked the evening away.

Sunday I spent working in the morning and the evening with a trip to Garland in the afternoon to eat a late lunch and some birthday cake with my sis in law.  I spent a lot of time in the car this weekend.  But, cake.

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