Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekending 10/21/2014

This past weekend had a busy Saturday followed by a less busy Sunday.

Here are the signs that I made for the gift market at Jacobs Reward Farm that I was at on Saturday.  I really crack myself up.

Here is what our booth looked like.  I shared with The Barbed Dragon.  I met lots of new people and saw some familiar faces.
 This guy was Baa-ing throughout the day-such a cute face.
 Then, I wrapped that up for the day and went to the boys piano recital.  O played something from 'How To Train A Dragon' and Li played 2 pieces from 'The Phantom of The Opera'.
 I worked on a dishcloth while listening to the other performers.
 Then, Sunday, I worked on getting the office finished.  I found this piece of paper from when I costumed Babes in Toyland back in 2012.
 And, Ta-Da!  The office is done.  It's nice to have it back to a usable space again where I don't have to step over piles of stuff to get to the desk.

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