Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekending 10/27/2014

Getting back on track with the blog.  And hey!  I just noticed that I have SIX followers to my blog.  Woo!  Making it to the big time!

So, I have an announcement folks.  I have another job.  I think this makes it job five-That's 1. Wife 2. Mother 3. Teacher 4. Indie Shop Owner and now 5. Part Time employee at Jennings Street Yarns.  It's nice to look at all the pretties through the day.  And kinda hard not to buy all the things.  I haven't bought any yarn.  Yet.

So, on Saturday I went in for a few hours to the yarn shop and then I went to Joanns and bought fabric.  Note: Do NOT go to the cut counter at Joanns the Saturday before Halloween.  When I pulled my number, I was 32 and they were on 1.  And I think at least 10 people ahead of me were making Frozen costumes based on their fabric selections.  That's gonna be a very popular costume.

I also went over to my dads house to meet the cat that has adopted him  He has fallen hard for this sweet kitty kitty.  And even said 'She's so f*cking beautiful'.  I have NEVER heard my dad talk like this about any animal much less a cat, so I had to meet her.  And she is a cute and friendly little thing.  I think she's about 6-9 mo old based on her size.

I also have been prepping for Kid n Ewe down in Boerne Nov 7-9.  I have been working on getting some self striping done.

This next week and a half is gonna be very busy for me in preparation mode.  I must remember to take time to take care of myself.

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