Friday, May 13, 2016

Foodie Friday-Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes-May 13, 2016

I have a son that has some food aversions.  One of his aversions is that he is against eggs in several forms unless it is in egg taco form.  He prefers all of the 'bready' breakfasts like cereal, muffins, pancakes, toast.  I think that protein is a very important component to the first meal of the day.  So, when I saw these protein packed flap jacks at Costco, I had to give them a try.

(please forgive me for the upside down picture)
As you can see (by turning your head and squinting) there are 3 ways to prepare.  1. Just add water 2. Add milk instead of water and 3. Add an egg to the milk.  Each gives a different level of protein, the milk+egg being the highest.

So, I made a double batch since I was feeding the whole family and I made the milk+egg option.
I should add that I HATE making pancakes.  I usually have two pans going because it feels like making a well cooked pancake-cooked thoroughly all the way through, no runny middle, not burned-takes FOREVER.  And on this day, I only had one pan going so some cursing may have been involved in this batch.  And the double batch was plenty of food for my family of 4 which includes a teen boy and a breadivore.  

I added fresh strawberries and peanut butter to mine and as far as flavor goes, they are pretty decent.  Do not expect fluffy IHoP pancakes, they do taste whole wheaty.  BUT, my breadivore eats them up and tells me they are delicious, so Mission Achieved!

To add to the review, there is a waffle option on the box.  The mix ratio is the same.  A one to one liquid to powder.  On the waffles I did the just water option.  For waffles this size, I ended up doing 1 2/3 mix to 1 2/3 water.  This made 4 waffles.  I did just the water because I wasn't feeling like making waffles but did them because I wanted to play with my new waffle iron.

Okay, so here's the 'trick' with a waffle iron.  Spray the top and bottom element with cooking spray between each waffle.  This makes the waffle come out with no fuss, no muss.  Then, when you add the waffle batter DON'T GET CRAY! Add just enough so that the bottom is covered but not all the way to the edge-because waffle batter will smoosh out to the edge.  It takes a little practice to find the correct amount to add to get the 'perfect waffle' but you can do it.  Trust in the force.

For the topping, I took a cup or so of frozen strawberries, de-iced them in the microwave, mushed them up with a potato masher, and added a dash of sugar.  It was a yum way to top the waffle.

Now, because on these I used just the water and not either of the milk options, they were very whole wheaty tasting.  But again, everyone around the table scarfed them up and said they were yum.  Just don't expect an Eggo Waffle experience.

I will keep this mix in the house for future use since everyone really likes them and they add protein to my breadivores pallet in a way that I don't have to fight him over.

And the waffle iron is from Think Geek if you are interested in one of your own.

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