Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekending May 23, 2016-The Procrastination One

I am really an excellent procrastinator.  I have been avoiding dyeing for a few weeks even though I have 2 events coming shortly.  Part of it is that I have to dye in the garage, the other part is that I've been so busy with kid type stuff that even when I do have time, I don't wanna go out in the garage.  Things are heating up here, and I usually spend at least 30 minutes to an hour out setting up dyepots for the start and then there's usually more tending as the dyeing happens.

Saturday (while I supposed to be dyeing) I read some on a book I was enjoying, soaked some yarn, and then I realized that I had to go out and get some dye supplies at Dollar Tree and while I was out, why not go to the store.  And then I thought, well, I've got to get this yarn to Jennings Street Yarns and look at their buttons to see if any would suit to use on my sweater.  And while I was in the area, I might as well check out the new yarn shop in the area, West 7th Wool.  (So good at avoidance)

So I grabbed up O and went on an adventure.

I ended up with 2 skeins of Simplicity by Hikoo from West 7th Wool.  The orange is color 134-Peter Peter and the blue doesn't appear to have a name-it's color 030.  I plan on making something fun and stripey with these.

 And from Jennings Street Yarns, I got this gorgeous skein of Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere in color 754 Mod Squad.  This skein speaks to me on all the levels.  And I grabbed these buttons to possibly use on my sweater.

Then On Saturday night, I took the boys to see the closing night of a play called Heaven Can Wait.  (so good at procrastination, don't you agree?)

And, since this is a weekend of vacation from my full time job, on Sunday the boys and I took a day trip to San Antonio.  As soon as we stepped out of the cab, the boys spotted a snow cone place, so that was the first stop.  Then The Alamo.

Then we went down to the River Walk to have lunch with friends.  (don't let Li's sour face fool you, it's a character choice)

We walked around for a bit on the River Walk with my girl Shannon and her kids and stopped for ice cream at one point.

Then we went back up topside and did a carriage ride around downtown.  

We got home last night-the boys had a good time even though it was amazingly humid yesterday.  

And Today, I dyed.

What have I learned by being on vacation?  I really enjoy being paid to read and shop for yarn.  

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