Friday, September 19, 2014

Brazen Friday 9/19/2014

First off, Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, Matey!  I think this day is so fun.

Today I am headed out to go to Blackland Prairie Artisan and Fibre Faire.  I feel pretty ready.  It's gonna be a busy morning running errands for last minute stuff for the show and grabbing a few things at the grocery so R won't have to.
 I have 3 of the big Ikea bags filled with product, a bin of waterfall hooks, and a bin of other various necessities for the booth.  Plus Bunny(the wheel) and an overnight bag.  

I need to grab a couple of heat and eat type meals for dinner, the hotel has breakie, and I am planning on having protein bars and fruit for lunch.  I am trying to make this trip as thrifty as possible so that my profit isn't eaten up with trip expense.

Final count:
120 Bags
87 Skeins Yarn
27 Braids Fiber

Batts just did not make the cut this time, so I guess I will be debuting those at the DFW Yarn Crawl in October.  I did not have the time to make more than a few.

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