Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Workin' It Wednesday 9/24/2014

Well, I managed to finish the baby blanket.
It is from skein of bulky yarn form Joanns.  I just kept crocheting in a granny square pattern until I figured I did not have enough yarn to make another round.  Voila!  No sewing together, and only 2 tails.  It's not as big as I wanted, but I figure if nothing else, it's good for epic games of peek-a-boo.  Next time I will get 2 skeins so that it is more of a toddler sized blanket-this one will work for a baby blanket, just not much beyond that.

This is a good video for mastering the granny square. Granny Square Tutorial.  This is the one that I used this spring to start my granny square journey.  I have made granny squares to go in a group blanket, made a traditional granny square blanket, made a dual yarn continuous baby blanket, and this blanket that uses one skein of bulky yarn.  Apparently it's been the year of the granny square at my house.

This week, I am picking up the test knit that I abandoned a few weeks ago and finishing that sucker up.

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