Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekending 9/22/2014 The BPAFF Edition

I am home from Blackland Prairie Artisan and Fibre Faire and it was fun.  It was not air conditioned, so there was definitely some sweaty moments, but the organizers kept the cold water coming, so that we vendors could do our best to stay cool.  We had one small fan in the booth which helped a great deal, but next time we will definitely have more.

Here is what my portion of the booth looked like.

Self Striping Selection.
 Variegated and Tonal Selection.
 Fiber Braids Selection.
 Bag Selection.
 Dinner Friday night-Entree by Chef Boyardee, Side Salad by Golden Chick.
 Dinner Saturday Night-Entree by Hormel, Side Salad by Jack In The Box.
The Salad from Golden Chick was much tastier than the one from Jack In The Box.  I highly recommend their side salads.  The Jack in the Box side salad was everything you'd expect from a fast food side salad.  So, not very good.  But I needed the veg.

Breakfasts both mornings included eggs, a waffle, fruit, coffee, and juice.  The waffle and maple syrup really added to the calorie count on breakfast, but it really was the one area that I splurged on food wise while away.  The first morning, I had one waffle.  The second morning I split a waffle with Katie.

Katie at breakfast day one.
 Me before breakfast day one.
 Me hooking at the hotel at the end of day one.

We got there Friday afternoon-set up(I ran out of hangers for my bags, so we had to swing by Dollar General), then went to the hotel.  I was crashed out not too long after 10.  At the end of day one, Katie and I both were crashed out BEFORE 10.  Ah, The Wild and Exciting Times Of A Vendor.

Sunday was slooow patron wise, so we mostly just hung out with each other.  We had few sales, but all of them were high quality.  I taught a few people the mechanics of spinning, and a couple of them went home with drop spindles.  There were two lucky ladies that went home with SpinOlution wheels-a mom and daughter team that are beginner spinners.

Then at 3, tear down began.  I helped tear down the booth, getting all of mine, helping get down Rebecca's, helping get down Taya's, helping Katie get most of the grids disconnected.  Then we loaded up Katie's truck with the Burleson haul, and headed home.  But not without a stop at Starbucks for a slated carmel machiatto frap.  Mmm, mm!  Other than the fact that the barista gave us talls instead of the grandes that we ordered it was delicious.  We were too tired to turn back around and go in to get the correct size.  I also got a protein snack because I was verra verra hungry.

I call the picture-'What I Got Instead of French Fries'
 Then we headed home where I got good hugs from the boys, happy tail wags from the dogs, and indifference from the cats.

I stretched out on the couch as soon as I was able to, and my employee in charge of dog snuggles made sure I got my quota.

It was an exhausting and fun weekend and I look forward to doing it again next year.

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