Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Working It Wednesday 9/3/2014

So I have done some spinning and knitting this week.  I have stalled a little on the test knit due to a fit issue and am trying to figure out how best to go on.  I have a few ideas, but I just need to commit to one and do it, I think.  When it doubt, tink tink tink!


I have also kept spinning my first rolags.  I took the fist bit of singles off and have spun 2 1/2 more rolags which are still on the spindle.

I also spun 3 bobbins of a planned 4 ply.  The green is BFL, the multicolored is Merino.
I also have worked on Frankenblanket.

This week I plan on finishing the 4 ply, working on the FrankenBlanket, spin more rolags, make more progress on the test knit, and start another test knit.  Plus all the things I need to create for the shop.  Whew, It's a crafty crafty place at my house right now.

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